February 28, 2019 - 16:48

For Christmas 2018, the Yves Rocher stores have been dressed their Christmas decorations to offer their customers a selection of scented gifts with special Christmas prices.

A myriad of novelties was proposed as early as October, but the most important of them was undoubtedly the box of perfumes prestige, which was made for the first time this year from our own transport cardboard waste.

OUDIN, a family company based in Truyes (37) and specialist in the manufacture of high-quality recycled cardboard for folding packaging and covered packaging (= rigid boxes) has indeed had a proactive approach, offering us a circular economy scheme, perfectly in line with the CSR values ​​and objectives of the Rocher Group.

coffret_noel_2018_oaa.png    coffret_noel_2018_mon_evidence_0.png

This circular economy was made possible thanks to a close collaboration between 4 actors :

- Groupe Rocher with La Croix des Archers site, which supplied used cartons and trays through its recycler supplier.

- Oudin, which has developed an exclusive "Groupe Rocher" cardboard from our waste, and has manufactured the carcasses of our Purchasing Production and Gift Purchasing boxes, with a level of quality identical to that of previous years.

- Alliora, from the GPACK group which provided the decoration, the display and the assembly of the boxes.

- The development and GRO production purchases that made the link between all.

It should be noted that Yves Rocher has also chosen an exclusive Oudin carton for the filling material of boxes, with the objective of a unique material and therefore better recyclability.

Enthusiastic about this concept of circular economy, the teams did not stop there and also validated a GRO cardboard for the folding of the new range of male perfumes. This cardboard, thicker than that of a classic case, allowed us to eliminate the filling material and lower the overall cost of the secondary packaging.

Véronique Mélou

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