December 11, 2018 - 15:38

Have you ever heard of Crowdsourcing ?

In the context of Physalis Project, which aims at reducing the plastic weight in its packagings, the Gift Purchasing Team had the privilege to test a new working method introduced by the Purchasing & Quality Dpt, named Crowdsourcing.
What is Crowdsourcing?
The Crowdsourcing is a way to question instantaneously a larger ecosystem than the usual contacts – like suppliers, consultants or surveyed people/ respondents – in order to get more answers and/or more relevant proposals on a specific topic.
Crowdsourcing & Physalis
A briefing explaining our search of the “Polybag of the Future” was shared on a dedicated online platform by Collaboration Capital in 14 countries, among 350 various entities (like business incubator, start-ups & firms).
21 applications have been received after this 1st step, 6 of them were selected to present their alternative packaging solution to a wide audience including Operation Direction & Yves Rocher Gift Direction during a plenary session named “Pitch”, on July, 18th in Cap Rocher.


1st Crowdsourcing Event – with Groupe Rocher Operation & YR Gift Directions
And what’s next?
Not only did the applicants have the opportunity to present their solution & company during the pitch session, but new issues have been raised through this workshop and are currently studied by the Gift Purchasing Dpt, to make our usual packagings & subpackagings for gifts change. 
Other departments of Groupe Rocher have also already been identified to extend this dynamical, innovation-booster & disruptive experiment named Crowdsourcing.

Highlights of the Plant World


After 3 months, September comes as the final collection month of Shea nuts for women in Mali & Burkina Faso.