It is the Purchasing Department that instigates the launch of the approval process for new suppliers or subcontractors.


The quality audit is an entry data used for the approval of a new supplier or subcontractor. The decision whether or not to audit a supplier or subcontractor for their approval is taken jointly by the Quality and Purchasing Departments.
The final approval decision takes into account the result of the audit when it has been conducted.

Following their approval, each Groupe Rocher supplier or subcontractor undergoes quality performance monitoring. This monitoring is carried out jointly by the receiving sites and by the Central Quality Department.

Monitoring social and environmental performance is also key in the animation dynamics of the relationship with you suppliers. "Sourcing with Respect" is our philosophy. It applies to our entire ecosystem, convinced that working together on these topics will foster value creation, innovation, competitiveness.

Groupe Rocher decided to use for this monitoring the collaborative tool EcoVadis, a simple process based on international CSR standards, providing CSR experts’ feedback.

The supplier joining the Groupe Rocher's ecosystem agrees, if Groupe Rocher urges it that sense during the business relationship established, to submit to EcoVadis CSR assessment and to complete the EcoVadis questionnaire adapted to his industry, company size and country of activity.
Download here the brochure "CSR Performance monitoring of the Groupe Rocher's suppliers"

If a supplier which has weaknesses shows a willingness to work with the Groupe Rocher and support it in its growth, the Groupe Rocher Purchasing and Quality Department is fully inclined to and capable of investing its time and resources to help this supplier redress their weaknesses by defining and implementing corrective action plans. This helps ensure the Groupe Rocher-Supplier relationship will be a long-term one.


Detailed stages of approval

Prospect Phase:

  • First contacts
  • Assessment of mutual interest for collaboration (know-how, competitive advantages, etc.)


Check-in Phase:

  • Collect of information (financial, organizational, industrial, location, etc).
  • Homologation process : visit of the subcontractor production site, financial health validation, audits of the production site, etc.
  • Signature of Frame-work Yves Rocher Contract & Quality and Logistics Terms & Conditions (rules for collaboration)


Pilot Phase:

  • First Project Management (contract awarding, accompaniment for the NPD process, presentation of interlocutors for operations)
  • Beginning of deliveries. Performance indicators start to be tracked


Operations Phase:

  • Regular deliveries, performance indicators are tracked regularly, professional meetings between different teams are frequent.

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