Suppliers who will make a difference:


Structure: Stable suppliers who offer robust and ongoing support.
Dynamic: Suppliers who tell us how they are going to do something rather than why it is not possible. "They did it because they didn't know it was impossible".
Process: Suppliers who are reliable, achieve reproducibility and operational excellence.



  • A sound and clear financial structure
  • A credible business development strategy and a vision supported by a heavily involved Management team.
  • An Yves Rocher Group volume in the business relationship that is sustainable for the supplier
  • Geographical coverage that supports the Group's internationalisation



  • A management approach that supports skills development and personal advancement
  • Security management maintained at the highest standard with prevention systems in place
  • An open supplier who is well-connected within their field, capable of bringing innovation and anticipating regulatory changes
  • A desire to implement corrective actions following audits, comments, etc.
  • Efficient communication channels: presence, availability and responsiveness during the development stage, tender process, customer service, etc.
  • A team that is motivated to contribute to value analysis and efficacy gains in the Supplier /  Customer relationship
  • Attention paid to achieving efficiency through the use of the Lean / TPM approaches



  • A supplier relationship management process and supplier performance monitoring with associated action plans
  • Audits of their key suppliers in place
  • A robust quality system in line with the supplier's business activity
  • Excellent traceability management methods
  • Well-designed methods for analysing causes of non-conformities (NC), logistics NCs, etc.
  • A non-conformity management process in place
  • An ability to manage developments by using the planning tools (critical path method, etc.), drawing up adequate technical documentation, using current Methods Tests
  • A capacity for industrialising, for faultlessly going from "one to many"
  • Attention paid to the environmental ecosystem
  • Exacting standards in logistics processing: FIFO, adherence to production plans, customer OTIF (On Time In Full) monitoring
Highlights of the Plant World


After 3 months, September comes as the final collection month of Shea nuts for women in Mali & Burkina Faso.