In accordance with the Why of the Group, the Purchasing and Quality Team brings appropriate responses within a framework of shared values:

  • Act differently
  • Give meaning
  • Create Emotion


Focus on respecting Nature and Humankind




Focus on our Botanical Trade Approach

" Si le monde végétal est pour nous une source de création sans cesse renouvelée, il nourrit aussi nos plus fortes convictions : le respect de la vie sur Terre, de la planète toute entière, avec pour mission d'en préserver durablement la biodiversité végétale."    Monsieur Yves Rocher

Our definition
"A plant supply system is a continuous line of development of a botanical raw material coming from a given geographic area. A plant supply system relies on a narrow network of known partners. It aims to ensure traceability and quality of raw material at all stages of processing, till finished product. »

Our vision
At Groupe Rocher, we want to have a look at the management of these plant supply systems, since we have a responsibility. We articulate our approach of respectful management of Plants around the 3 pillars:
1.  Supply
2.  Protect
3.  Share 







Highlights of the Plant World


THE SEEDS OF BABASSU OF BRAZIL can be harvested throughout the year, under the trees, but the peak of the harvest takes place from February to April.