A Group Purchasing & Quality Department focused on our customers' expectations the world over

Through its distribution control, the Groupe Rocher is able to maintain a direct and special relationship with each and every one of its customers. The creation of the Purchasing and Quality Department in 2010 has enabled us to incorporate our customers' desires right from a product's design stage, meaning we can offer them increasingly accessible products of impeccable quality, attaining the highest standards on the market.

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The Group's Purchasing and Quality Department views Quality and Sustainable Development as key

in terms of  seeking continuous improvement and competitiveness, consolidating its expertise and achieving excellence in its products and services.
It is building for the future, balanced relationships that have been established in the present, with its duly selected suppliers on the basis of shared values:

  • Preservation of the Environment and Biodiversity

"We have a supreme duty to our children, our grandchildren and future generations, to leave them a planet like the one we received. We need to return to Nature  all that it has given us." - Mr Yves Rocher
On all levels of the manufacturing cycle and life cycle of the Group's products, from the plant raw materials supply chain, the choice of container,  the creation of the folding box through to packaging recycling, special attention is paid to preserving the environment and biodiversity.

  • Innovation and Boldness

"I've never considered the boldness needed to make progress, because there's always something new to drive us to venture further.” - Mr Yves Rocher
On all of the Group's levels, these two words are key: innovation in the products, naturally, but also in the choice of materials used in the assembly of our stores, and boldness in the use of combined rail/road and rail/sea transport to ship our finished products overseas.

  • Refusal to engage in any form of concealment or deceit

Corruption, violation of the law, child labour and/or undeclared work, harassment, abuse and discrimination are all terms the Group categorically refuses to be associated with.



The Groupe Rocher, signatory of the Responsible Supplier Relations Charter

On 5 April 2013, Yann De Feraudy, Director of Operations at the Groupe Rocher,  signed the Responsible Supplier Relations Charter at Eco-Hôtel-Spa Yves Rocher in Gacilly, in the presence of the Prefect of Morbihan, Jean-François Savy.

This Charter, called "Charter of ten commitments for responsible purchasing", was created to solve the difficulties encountered by SMEs and VSEs in their relationships with their suppliers and to establish a climate of reciprocal trust.

In signing this charter, the Groupe Rocher commits to implement and continuously improve the following ten best practices within its entities:

  1. Ensure financial fairness with suppliers
  2. Facilitate collaboration between major customers and strategic suppliers
  3. Reduce mutual dependency risks between customers and suppliers
  4. Involve the major customers in their Industry
  5. Assess the total cost of the purchase
  6. Integrate the environmental issue
  7. Ensure company territorial responsibility
  8. Purchasing: a function and a process
  9. A Purchasing Function responsible for the global management of supplier relations
  10. Establish a coherent purchaser payment policy


Against this backdrop, the Director of Risk Management, Internal Audit and Insurance, was pleased and honoured to receive the role of Internal Mediator.


To consult the Charter or the Mediation visit: http://www.relations-fournisseur-responsables.fr



Highlights of the Plant World


After 3 months, September comes as the final collection month of Shea nuts for women in Mali & Burkina Faso.