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Convinced of the increasing importance of the interdependence between the Group and its suppliers in value creation, for several years now, the Purchasing & Quality Department led by Olivier Djezvedjian has been implementing a dynamic and motivating approach to management of the supplier relationship.
Since 2010, symposiums and awards have been created to honor this supplier relationship by promoting mutual exchanges of skills, which guarantee the success of our brands and our partners.

They welcome the suppliers, who support the Group in its development and commercial success, particularly through themes such as sustainable development, quality, innovation and competitiveness.
These events are a key component of Groupe Rocher's focus on the ecosystem which its supplier network represents.
This kind of event provides the opportunity to strengthen ties and deepen mutual understanding between key suppliers and Groupe Rocher, and to foster exchanges between the managers of supplier companies and those of Groupe Rocher.

First launched in France, these symposiums are now also held in China, Mexico and Russia with local teams.


The France 2017 Symposium
Friday, May 8, Yann De Feraudy, Deputy General Director Operations and IT, and Olivier Djezvedjian, Group Purchasing and Quality Director, were delighted to welcome representatives from over 35 companies, as well as numerous eminent figures within the Group, i.e. 130 participants in total.
These suppliers support the Group on a daily basis and represent all of the Purchasing categories, such as Raw Materials, Packaging, Energy, Services, Gifts, Outsourcing and Industrial Solutions, who work for our Cosmetic Brands (Yves ROCHER, Dr Pierre Ricaud, Daniel Jouvance, Kiotis, ID Parfums) but also Stanhome and Petit Bateau!
This day took place around the theme of "Frugal Innovation". In fact, for several generations, through its values and actions, our Group has promoted the need for this intelligent development making it possible to combine resource saving, ecosystem preservation, and competitive solutions for our customers.
1st part: Internal contributions
This day began with discussions around the new directions of the Group.
Yann De Feraudy, Olivier Dezvedjian and Claude Fromageot, Sustainable Development Director, took this opportunity to bring our partners up to speed on the Group's vision, its strategic values and goals.

2nd part: Talk by Marc Halévy, philosopher and physicist.

The Group's Purchasing and Quality Department is convinced that facilitation of the supplier ecosystem must be punctuated by exchanges around innovative themes triggering a common review aimed at challenging established processes.
This is why the Group asked Marc Halévy to give a talk on frugal innovation at our 2017 edition.
This interlude was greatly appreciated, allowing those present to reflect on the challenges facing our society, and giving all parties, whether individuals or organizations, a chance to be real agents for change.

3rd part: Roundtables

In the afternoon session, with the assistance of C3S consulting, participants were divided into small groups, to allow exchanges and debates in the wake of the previous contributions.

The proposed theme was as follows:

"Refocusing the business on the needs of the consumer in order to create innovative and sustainable solutions"
Each group was composed of external and internal participants, with a common support tool, Klaxoon, to ensure interactive and inclusive facilitation.


During these roundtables, dozens of ideas were exchanged between our partners and the internal teams. Here is a quick overview of the main themes covered:


A recap of previous editions…
In 2010, suppliers of "So Elixir", one of the Yves Rocher brand's iconic products, were picked out for an award on the occasion of its launch.
In 2011, Sustainable Development was honored with four suppliers winning awards in the fields of Eco-Design, Respectful Management of Supply Chains and Innovative Sustainable Development projects.
In 2012-2013, the Supplier Awards entitled "All Beauty Gestures" took on a new face and rewarded not only the suppliers of raw materials and packs for the Yves Rocher brand, but also the suppliers of the entire scope of Group Purchasing, extending beyond the Yves Rocher brand to other Group brands. Competitiveness, innovation, internationalization and sustainable development were rewarded.
In 2014, on the strength of previous experiences, this edition of the Supplier Awards supported the themes of competitiveness, innovation, internationalization and sustainable development, by rewarding once again the suppliers in all Quality Purchasing portfolios, whether raw materials, packaging or outsourcing ... but also and for the first time: design agency or corporate social network designer.
In 2015, the Supplier Awards were held under the banner of "Receive, give". To mark the transition to a new year, Groupe Rocher also wanted to be an Awards "transmitter": Celebrating our suppliers according to various themes, including competitiveness, is part of an overall CSR Purchasing Quality policy, which was rewarded during the 2nd Night of CSR on November 24, 2014 in Paris,
In 2016,we took advantage of our brand new Cap Rocher building in Paris to rethink and revitalize the format of its meetings. It was therefore in our new Issy Les Moulineaux premises that we welcomed 35 of our partners for a 1st symposium dedicated to partnership.
Punctuated by a whole host of internal and external contributions, including a talk by Natacha Trehan, Senior Lecturer - Researcher at CERAG / CNRS and Director of the DESMA Master at the IAE Grenoble institute, on the theme of Open Innovation.
This day ended with roundtables covering questions such as:
  • What is an innovation?
  • What do we mean by partnership? 
  • What defines a preferred customer / supplier?
  • How can we work together to create value for Groupe Rocher customers?
  • What form will the customers / suppliers relationship take in the next 10 years?
Highlights of the Plant World


After 3 months, September comes as the final collection month of Shea nuts for women in Mali & Burkina Faso.