February 15, 2019 - 15:51

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You are a supplier offering device, consumables or cosmetic products for beauty institutes ?  Innovation, ecodesign and high quality standards are essential to your company ?  
If so, this article is for you !

Yves Rocher is looking for partners to contribute to the redesign of its beauty institutes. Yves Rocher institutes are located in more than 25 countries and especially in France, Belgium, Spain, Morocco and Thailand, making all together up to 1 200 shops, and around 3 400 rooms.

Categories :

Consumable supplies : disposable cloth (hat, pareos, headband, aprons…), tissues, spatula, examination sheet, cottons, gloves…
Accessories : tweezers, brushes, beakers, spatula, cissors, files, cuticle removers, graters
Linen : towels (need for quality, comfort, ecodesign, convenience, wash fastness)
Decorating : Led candles
Furniture : tall stools, electric massage beds, magnifying glasses
Devices : wax melting pots, hair removal and skincare devices (high frequency, steam)…
Cosmetics & Hygiene : powders, masks, wax, skin & bodycare, device cleaning
Should your company be able to provide one or several categories listed above, please feel free to contact us until 15th March

Contact : klervi.cottin@yrnet.com
Concerning Cosmetics category : simon.blanchard@yrnet.com 

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