January 16, 2019 - 10:39

Supplier Sourcing

Did you know ?
300 hours, or 38 days, or 7,5 weeks full-time : this represents the time that our buyers spent on Sourcing in 2018 ! Because when one’s got a bright idea, we must find the right partner to make it real.
May it be a revolutionary raw material or active ingredient, an eco-designed packaging, an innovative galenic formulation, or a service on the cutting-edge of our needs, Group Rocher is constantly listening to the supplier market in order to contribute together to tomorrow’s Botanical Beauty !
Inside Group Rocher, sourcing means sharing ! Like a big family, we share our “good deals” with each other. If you had the opportunity to draw the attention of a collaborator, during a fair for instance, he or she may recall of you and tell us about you in the scope of a specific sourcing !
Fairs, just, let’s talk about… Second source of information for sourcing, fairs can be either a gold mine for fairs gather numerous potential partners, but can also be resumed to finding a needle in a haystack. Much like shopping, one can find everything but what one was actually looking for…
We cannot talk about shopping without mentioning on-line shopping, also called digital sourcing !
Digital sourcing is performed in a variety of ways at Group Rocher. It could be a simple Google search, but also consider the implementation of fast and efficient tools, such as Open Sourcing or Open innovation platforms that we have been working with since 2018.
So, how come we do not know one another yet ?
Two words to keep in mind, in order to get in touch one day : VISIBILITY and CLARITY.
Ways are numerous, either through SEO (search engine optimization), digital sourcing platforms, or during fairs, if you want us to find you : be visible and clear.
Visible to draw our attention, clear to retain it.
However, the best thing to do is still to come to us !
We strongly encourage you to send your application on our Supplier Portal.
Even though we do not contact you for a specific project immediately, we record all prospects’ applications in a document that we consult on a regular basis for our sourcing needs !

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THE SEEDS OF BABASSU OF BRAZIL can be harvested throughout the year, under the trees, but the peak of the harvest takes place from February to April.